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Narrator: Once upon a time there was a lovely princess.
But she had an enchantment upon her which could only be broken by love ‘s first kiss. She was locked away in a castle guarded by a terrible fire-breathing dragon. She waited in the highest room of the tallest tower for her true love’s first kiss.

Scene 1
(Shrek is coming.)
Shrek: Like that ‘s ever gonna happen !
(Laughs and leaves the stage)
(Two men enter the other side of the stage. One has a ‘’wanted’’ sign with Shrek’s face on it)
Man 1 :Do you think it is in there?
Man 2 : All right ! Let ‘s get it!
(Shrek sneeks up behind them and laughs)
Man 1 :Back! Back, beast! Back! I warn you! (shrinking back away from him)
Scene 2
Tinker Bell: This is all Wendy’s fault! She stole my magic powder, you know what means? I cannot fly, I have to walk! Oh, my God! Here he comes …
( The guard is coming)
Guard :Next!
(The old woman goes with a donkey)
Donkey: Please?! Do not turn me in. I will never sing again. I can change. Please!
Guard :Next! What have you got?
The old woman : Well, I have got a talking donkey.
Guard :Donkeys don’t talk!
(Shrek appears behind him, the woman screams and runs away. Shrek laughs,the donkey hides behind him)
Guard :Hey! Ogre!
Guard :Yes?
Guard :By the order of Lord Farquaad I place you both under arrest!
Shrek : Oh, really? You and who else? (Laughs, the guard runs away)
Donkey: Incredible! Uh, I do not have friends. Hey! We can be friends! (Runs after Shrek)
Shrek: No.
Donkey : Please! Please! Please!
Shrek: Okay! Okay!
Donkey: Ah! Thank you!
Scene 3
Narrator: A few days later.
(The action takes place in Shrek’s house. The Tinker bell, Pinocchio and the Donkey are dancing. Shrek enters .)
Shrek: what are you doing in my house? (angrily)
Donkey: Don’t look at me.I didn’t invite them.
Tinker Bell: Lord Farquaad sent us here.
Shrek: I’m gonna see this Farquaad.(to donkey) You come with me!
Donkey: Yeees!
Scene 4
Farquaad: Frincess Fiona. She’s perfect. All I have to do is just find someone who can rescue her. I will make Princess Fiona my queen!
(Shrek comes to the room)
Farquaad: Congratulations, ogre! You won the honour of rescuing Princess Fiona!
Shrek: What? I’m here to get my forest back!
Farquaad: All right, let’s make a deal.( they shake hands)
Scene 5
(in a castle,Shrek is wearing a helmet)
Shrek: Shhh, the princess will be in the tallest tower.
Donkey: How do you know?
Shrek: I read it in a book.
Shrek: Dragon! (they fight,dragon flies away.Shrek and donkey go upstairs)
Shrek: Are you princess ?
Fiona: Yes! And I am waiting for a Prince.
Shrek :Oh, how nice. Now let’s go!
Fiona: But wait, Sir! It has to be a romantic moment!
Shrek: Yeah, sorry. There is no time.
Fiona: What is your name?
Shrek: Uh, Shrek.
Shrek: Come on!
Fiona: But how will you kiss me?
Shrek: What?
Fiona: The Prince who saves the Princess has to kiss her. He is her true love!
Donkey: Wait. You think that Shrek is your true love?
Fiona: Well, yes.
( both Donkey and Shrek burst out laughing, Shrek takes off his helmet))
Fiona: You’re an ogre…
Scene 6
(Fiona comes out of the tree house. She’s an ogre. She tiptoes but Donkey sees her.)
Donkey: Shrek! Shrek! Shrek! Someone ate the Princess!
Fiona: Donkey, I am the princess.
Donkey: Oh, my God! What happened to you? You are ugly!
Fiona: I know. It only happens when sun goes down.
Donkey: Princess, why don’t you marry Shrek?
Fiona: I cannot. Please, do not tell Shrek. No one can love this ugly beast!
Scene 7
(Shrek,Donkey and Fiona arrive at the castle. Farquaad meets them, takes and kisses Fiona’s hand).)
Farquaad: Princess Fiona,you’re so beautiful! Let’s get married tonight! (taking her away)
Scene 8
Donkey: Shrek, what happens?
Shrek :Go away! I don’t want you to come with me! I live alone!
Donkey: You are doing the same you did to Fiona. She loves you!
Shrek : Oh no,I have to find her!
Scene 9
(Fiona and Farquaad enters the stage to get married. Shrek runs inside with donkey and Dragon)
Shrek : Fiona, you can’t marry him! I love you!
(She backs up and changes into her ogre itself, looks at Shrek)
Shrek : I love you!
Fiona: I love you too! (Shrek kisses her hand)
Fiona: I don’t understand, I ‘m supposed to be beautiful.
Shrek: But you ARE beautiful.(They smile at each other and hug, Dragon and Donkey hug too))
Narrator: Now this is the happy ending.
Narrator: And true love is one that loves you for what you are,no matter if you’re an ogre or a talking donkey. They lived happily for years after.

The End.

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