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We are different

The Birmingham or West Midlands accent

The Birmingham or West Midlands accent sounds quite depressing. ‘All roight’ to greet people. ‘moine’ intead of ‘mine’. They put emphasis on the middle of the word.

Bristol accent

Bristol in a city in the South West of England and some say it’s a pirate accent. These people pronounce “s” as “z” and say “he be” and “i be” instead of “he is” and “I am”.

The Scouse Accent

Scouse, the accent from Liverpool, North West England, is noted for a fast, highly accented manner of speech, with a range of rising and falling tones not typical of most of northern England. Scousers use me instead of my, giz instead of give and say made up to say they are happy.

The Yorkshire Accent

Yorkshire is a large region in the North of England. This is a genuine West Yorkshire accent and can be characterised by flat and short vowels.

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