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“Children’s education of the 21-st century”

Канал “Children’s education of the 21-st century” створений благодійним фондом і має на меті формування бази англомовних казок, мультфільмів та пісень, які несуть повчальний характер.

Мультики англійською мовою: 5 корисних youtube-каналів для дітей

Дитина тероризує вимогою увімкнути мультфільм, а Ви не впевнені чи це корисно? Спробуйте замість «Свинки Пепи» чи «Робокара Поллі» запропонувати мультики англійською мовою. Впіймаєте одразу двох зайців: дитина зайнята цікавим навчанням, а у Вас є вільний час (ну як вільний – помити посуд, приготувати вечерю тощо). А щоб довго не блукати просторами інтернету, скористайтесь корисною […]

Monsters Incorporation  

Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoeis a novel by Daniel Defoe, first published on 25 April 1719. The first edition credited the work’s protagonist Robinson Crusoe as its author, leading many readers to believe he was a real person and the book a travelogue of true incidents. Epistolary, confessional, and didactic in form, the book is presented as an […]

” The Jungle Book “

The Jungle Book (1894) is a collection of stories by English author Rudyard Kipling. The stories are fables, using animals in an anthropomorphic manner to give moral lessons. A principal character is the boy or “man-cub” Mowgli, who is raised in the jungle by wolves. Other characters include Shere Khan the tiger and Baloo the […]

“The Little Mermaid”

“The Little Mermaid”  (Danish: Den lille havfrue) is a fairy tale written by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen about a young mermaid who is willing to give up her life in the sea and her identity as a mermaid to gain a human soul. The tale was first published in 1837 and has been […]

“Peter Pan”

Peter Pan is a character created by Scottish novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie. A free spirited and mischievous young boy who can fly and never grows up, Peter Pan spends his never-ending childhood having adventures on the mythical island of Neverland as the leader of the Lost Boys, interacting withfairies, pirates, mermaids, Native Americans, […]

“The Little Prince”,Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince ,first published in 1943, is a novella, the most famous work of French aristocrat, writer, poet, and pioneering aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900–1944). The novella is the fourth most-translated book in the world and was voted the best book of the 20th century in France. Translated into more than 250 languages and […]

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”