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2 клас.Тематика спілкування “Людина” (урок 1).Тема “Обличчя”.Варіант 2.

TOPIC:  A man.

Theme: Parts of the body. My face.


Practical aim:

* to introduce new words and practice in their use: a face, eyes

an eye),a nose, a mouth, ears (an ear), hair

* to introduce and practice the structure have got in the

affirmative  sentence

* to train pupils to work in group and pair work

Development aim:

* to develop creative thinking and mutual respect

* to develop reading and speaking skills

* to develop listening skills

Cultural aim:

* to broaden pupils’ outlook.

Equipment:  extra sheets with tasks, flashcards, a   computer, multimedia, cards, a stick, sunglasses, a hat, stickers, smiles, the paper sun.



  1. Organizing the class. Greeting and Aim.

Teacher: Good morning, children!

Children: Good morning, teacher!

Teacher: I am very happy to see you today.

How are you?

(slide   1)

Children answer.

Teacher: Good! And now look here! How do you think what  is our theme today (shows a face on the picture)?

(Slide 2)

-Yes, it’s a  face. We should know some words to describe toys, animals and people.

Also you’ll learn how to use the construction “I’ve got…” and to tell about yourself. During our work hardworking pupils will get some prizes.

II. Warm-up.

Teacher: To speak English better we should practice a lot of sounds.

  • First , let’s revise the alphabet. (Multimedia, ABC song).
  • Read after me, please. (slide 3)
  • Let’s try to read a tongue twister ( slide 4)

III. Presentation and practice.

  1. Work with flashcards


  1. a) It’s time to learn something new! Let’s start. Be attentive and repeat after me, please  (showing pictures, chant the words three times + I’ve got …after ): a face, eyes ( an eye), a nose, a mouth, ears (an ear), hair.
  2. b) Showing cards very slowly one by one , then very fast
  3. c) Guess the word. The teacher draws parts of the body on the board .
  4. The song “My eyes ”

Teacher: Bravo! Let’s repeat the words with the song.

  1. Game “ The detective”

A teacher gives each student a  card with one picture. The task is to show the picture when the teacher pronounces the word.

Teacher: Good job! Children, look, I am the detective (wears the sunglasses and a hat). You have a picture on the desk. Listen to me and show what  I  say if you have it.(  “I am the detective and I can see …a nose/ears/…

IV. Reading

  1. Work in pairs

Teacher: Swell! Continue the search , please! Work in pairs. Can you find the hidden words? Who will be the first?

-Find , circle  and read the words  FACE , EYES , EARS, NOSE, MOUTH , HAIR.


2 . Match the words

Teacher:  Well done! Now join into three groups. I’ll give you the sheet with the task. What do we have? Who can number  the picture without mistakes?

1 – a mouth ;  2 – eyes ( an eye) ; 3 – a nose ; 4 – hair ; 5 – a face; 6 – ears ( an ear)

Summing up.

V.Physical activity.

“Two Little hands go clap clap clap” – Nursery Rhyme

VI. Listening .Game “Interpreter ”.

a) Pre –Listening Activity

Teacher:  Bravo! Now I see you know a lot of words! Look at this picture. Whom can you see?…

b) Listening

Let’s listen and translate ( Translate sentence by sentence after the recording –P1-P2-…) . The teacher explains the meaning of the word “fair’

c) Post- Listening activity. Speaking.

A doll: Very good! But can you tell me about yourself  ? I have a magic  silent stick, while you’re talking English, others keep silence! Who wants to be a wizard?!

Slide 5

Pupils answer.

VII.Play time.

Teacher:  Great! Now let’s check what you ‘ve learnt today. Join into two groups, please( gr 1-gr2-gr 1-..).Look at the pictures and tell me the right answer.

A Trigger.

A presentation has pictures on the theme. Pupils’ task is to guess the word according to the picture.

Summing up.

VIII. Setting up a hometask

Pupils choose the task by themselves.

1) Draw your face.

2) Name the parts of the face.

3) Tell about your face using “have got”.

IX. Feedback and saying Goodbye.

Teacher: Our lesson is going to be over. Did you like our lesson? We have the sun on the board . Take a smile on my desk. If you like our lesson, choose a happy smile, if not-sad. Stick your smile on the sun, please .

… And look at my emotion! (the other side is smiling)

Thank you for your active work! The best working students for today are…You get some prizes.

It’s time for a bell. See you soon. Good bye!


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