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2 клас.Тематика спілкування “Людина” (урок 2).Тема “Це я!”

Lesson 2

Theme . This is me!

Objectives: ·

Practical aim :
-to repeat previously learnt lexical items , sounds           -to activate studied lexical and grammatical material
-to train pupils  in reading, writing , speaking
-to extend the vocabulary of the theme·

Development aim :
-to develop different types of memory (auditory , visual,   operational),
-to learn to work in pairs,
-to develop communicative skills·

Cultural aim :
-to broad pupil’s outlook,  general students’ culture.

Equipment :flashcards, multimedia, a ball, posters, a computer.


I. Greeting and aim.

Teacher: Good morning , boys and girls! Today we are going to talk about parts of the body. We learnt some words last lesson and today we’ll learn new ones (showing the pictures)-a finger, a smile, an arm ,a hand, a body ,a knee, hips, a leg, a toe, a foot. Also we’ll learn the construction has got

II. Warm-up.

  1. Phonetic exercises.
  2. a) Teacher: To start with we’ll revise sounds. So, you should line the words with sound [o:] , please:

Work with the blackboard: four, door, bird, name, Ann, house, body.

b) Listen and read (p. 39, ex. 5).

Read the drills quickly, first pupils read together and then individually.
3. Mime game.

Teacher: Swell! Now we’ll play a bit. Imagine you are a mime. Your task is to show your friends a word I’ll whisper. Be attentive! Who wants to be the first? (P1-Ps).

III. Check on Homework

Draw and write about your appearance.

 IV.  Vocabulary and grammar presentation

  1. Video (“My teddy bear”)
  2. Work with flashcards.

-Presentation of new words. Chant.
-A game “Point to”
-Game with a ball in a circle

c) Teacher maintains about have got and has got. Using a toy , he explains the difference.( I have got a toy/It has got a face.)

Ex 3 p 47
Pupils listen and repeat after the teacher, first together and then individually.

VI.Physical activity

“Head, shoulders , knees and toes”.

VII. Vocabulary and grammar practice.

1) Listen and read.
Ex 5 p 47

2) Read and complete. Write your sentences.
Ex 4 p 47

VIII. Play time.

1) Game “Disappearing Items”
Pictures of the theme  are on  the board.
The teacher and pupils  do choral repetition of the words in sequence.
Then  the teacher erases  or removes one of the pictures.
Pupils chant the whole sequence, including the missing word.
Repeating with other cards.
Continue till there are no pictures on the board and pupils say the whole sequence from memory.

IX. Speaking.

Describe one picture on the board. Start like this:

It’s a toy. It’s a …It has got…


X.  Setting Up a home task

Ex 6 p 47 (orally)

XI. Summing up. Evaluation. Saying goodbye.

Teacher:  Your work was wonderful today. I liked it. Thank you for this lesson, children! The best working pupils are…Your marks are…

What was the easiest/most difficult/interesting for you?
The lesson is over. Goodbye!
Children: Goodbye, teacher!

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