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2 клас.Тематика спілкування “Людина” (урок 1).Тема “Обличчя”.Варіант 1.

TOPIC:  Appearance.

Lesson 1.

Theme: Parts of the body. My face.


Practical aim:        * to introduce new words and practice in their use

* to introduce and practice the structure have got

Development aim:* to develop creative thinking and mutual respect

* to develop reading and speaking skills

Cultural aim:           * to broaden pupils’ outlook

Equipment:               * coloured pencils, a puppet, extra sheets with tasks,a white big sheet of paper, flashcards, a computer,multimedia, envelopes, a stick.


  1. Organizing the class. Greeting and Aim.

Teacher: Good morning, dear children!

Children: Good morning, teacher!

Teacher: I am very happy to see you today. And I’m not alone, meet my helper, Minnie ( a doll)!  Hello , Minnie!

A doll :  Hello! Hello, kids!  How are you today?

Teacher: So, today we have a very interesting theme and you’ll do a lot of work, but I will tell you about it a bit later.

.II. Warm-up.

Teacher: To speak English better we should practice a lot of sounds.

  1. First , let’s revise the alphabet.

(Multimedia, ABC song).

Teacher: Well done! It’s time to learn something new! Look here (the doll shows its face)! What is our theme today ? …Yes, parts of the body,  face. We should know all the parts to describe toys, animals and people.

Also you’ll learn how to use the construction “I’ve got…” and to tell about yourself.

III. Presentation and practice.

  1. Work with flashcards

Teacher:  a) Let’s start. Be attentive and repeat after me, please  (showing pictures, chant the words three times + I’ve got …after ): a face, eyes ( an eye),a nose, a mouth, ears (an ear), hair.

  1. b) Guess the word. The teacher slowly draws parts of the body .
  2. Game .

Teacher:  And now I propose you to play a bit. Minnie will choose one of you. He\she will get the card. Your task is to ask yes\ no questions to understand what card the person has. Start with “Have you got..?”

  1. Physical activity.

“Two Little hands go clap clap clap” – Nursery Rhyme

  1. V. Vocabulary practice.Reading.
  2. Pre-Reading activity.
  3. a) Teacher: Children, it was great! Look at your desks , please! We have a task from Minnie. Open the envelope 1 and do the task.
  • Find , circle and read the words  FACE , EYES ,EARS, NOSE, MOUTH , HAIR.


A doll: Show me, please, parts of the body (name them and pupils show them).

  1. b) Teacher: Well done! Now look at the board. What do we have? Who can help me  to  number  the picture ?

1 - a mouth ;  2 – eyes ( an eye) ; 3 - a nose ; 4 – hair ; 5 – a face; 6 - ears ( an ear)

  1. Reading .

Game “Interpreter ”.Work in pairs (p 1-p2-…)

Teacher:  Bravo!

A doll: Dear children! Now I see you know a lot of words! Can you read and translate the text about me? Open envelope 2.

Hello! My name is Minnie. This is my face. I have got two big  blue  eyes and one pink  nose. I have got a red mouth and small red ears. I have got orange hair. What about you?

  1. Post- Reading activity.

Work in groups (girls\boys). A game “True / False”.

A doll: Now listen to me. I will tell you smth , you should clap if it is true.

1 My name is Minnie.(+)-girls

2.I’ve got three big eyes.(-)-boys

3.I’ve got a blue nose.(-)- girls

4.I’ ve got a red mouth.(+) -boys

5.I’ve got small ears.(+) – girls

6.I’ve got green hair.(-) -boys

  1. Speaking

(A magic silent stick).

A doll: Very good! But can you tell me about yourself  ? I have a magic  silent stick, while you’re talking English, others keep silence! Who wants to be a wizard?!

Pupils answer.

VII.Play time. Feedback.

Teacher: Our lesson is going to be over.

Do you like our lesson? Open , please, envelope 3.Your last task for today is to make a smile. If you like our lesson, put the mouth up, if not-down. Stick your smile on the board, please .

VIII. Setting Up a Hometask. Saying Goodbye.

Thank you for your active work, my dear ! You home task for the next lesson is to draw and write about your appearance. The task is in envelope 4.Your marks for today are…Our lesson is over, good bye!

Draw and write about your appearance.

My name’s _____________

This is my _______________

I have got _______________

I have got _______________

A doll: Good bye, children ! Have a nice day!



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