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2 клас.Тематика спілкування “Людина” (урок 5).Тема “Мій одяг”.

Theme.  My clothes.


– to practice all types of speech activities

  • - to learn new  words,
  • - to practice using This is \ these are,
  • - to practice dialogical speech

Development aim:
– to develop the logical thinking, attention

  • -to develop grammar skills
  • -to develop pupils’ pronunciation

Cultural aim :
– to broad pupil’s outlook,  general students’ culture

Equipment: : flashcards, multimedia, posters, a computer, BINGO cards


I .Greeting and aim

  1. Phonetic drill

The sea shells are on the sea shore


III. Warm-Up

Game “Bingo”

IV . Check on Homework.

  1. Introducing the new vocabulary.
  2. a) Work with multimedia

Put On Your Clothes Clothing Song for Kids – Lyrics:
Put put put on your clothes right after you wake up,
Put put put on your clothes straight after you take a bath…

  1. b) Listen and repeat

(p. 52, ex. 1).

Pupils listen to the teacher and repeat  words several times.

  1. Grammar revision
  2. Using the new words in the structure “This is… These are…”

Each student makes up 4 sentences using the structure.

  1. Work in pairs

(p. 52, ex. 2)

VII. Physical activity

“Make your right hand clap…”

VIII. Reading

(p. 53, ex. 7).

Pupils listen and read.

  1. Writing.
  2. Find the opposites

(p. 53, ex. 5).

  1. Match and say (p. 53, ex. 6).

Key: 1. D. 2. C. 3. F. 4. B. 5. A. 6. E.

  1. Speaking

A Game.
One of the students is a designer. He chooses the model ( a pupil of the class) and describes him\her. The pupil who guesses is the next designer.

  1. Setting up a hometask

Draw favourite clothes on the sheet and make up sentences with them using “this is\these are”.

XII. Summing up.

  1. Evaluation.
  2. Feedback.
  3. Saying Goodbye.


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