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2 клас.Тематика спілкування “Людина” (урок 4).Тема “Зустрічай друга!”

Lesson 4

Theme: Meet the friend!


Practical aim:

– to fasten the use of lexical structures
– to form lexical skills and skills of pronunciation
– to train pupils in  reading and listening
– to form skills in using new lexical units

Development aim:
– to develop communicative skills

  • to generalize and systematize lexical units on the theme
  • to develop intellect, different types of memory (auditory , visual , operative)

Cultural aim :
– to broad pupils’ outlook,

  • -to teach respect  to each other

Equipment: flashcards, multimedia, posters, a computer,
a stick.


  1. Greeting and aim

Teacher: Good morning !
Children: Good morning, teacher !

Teacher: I hope you are well today. During last lessons we spoke about parts of the body. Today we’ll continue learning new words, practice grammar and have fun.


  1. Warm-up.
  2. Brainstorming

Teacher: So, let’s try to remember the words we ‘ve learnt already( work with a board).

III .Check on Homework.

  1. Presentation and practice.
  2. Work with flashcards. Chant and mime.


2.Pair work.

Pupils take turns to name any picture on page 28 ex. 1.

Their partner listens and responds by pointing to the picture and word named. The aim is to do it as fast as possible, playing ‘word-tennis’ and swapping roles when one pupil makes a mistake.

3.Game ”Please and thank you”

The teacher writes the structure on the board: “Show me…, please”.
The teacher explains what instructions to follow.

Teacher: When I say “Please”, you do what I say. If I don’t say “Please”, you don’t do what I say.
Examples of instructions:

Show me your nose.
Show me your nose, please.
Show me your hair.
Show me your hair, please.
Show me your hands.
Show me your hands, please.
Show me your face.
Show me your face, please.
Pupils should only react if you say please.
Play a few rounds and then let a pupil be the leader of this game.

  1. Grammar presentation

The structure “have got / has got” and “haven’t got / hasn’t got”. The teacher explains using of both structures, gives real to life examples.(eg. Sasha has got fair hair. Ann hasn’t got fair hair.)

  1. Physical activity

(p. 50, ex. 2).

 VII. Vocabulary and grammar practice

  1. Look and say

(p. 51, ex. 4).

The teacher asks the pupils to look at the picture, read the sentences and say “Yes” or “No”.

Key: 1. Yes / No. 2. It is not clear who is Sue, so choose your own answer.3. Yes. 4. Yes. 5. Yes / No. 6. Yes.

  1. Listening and reading

(p. 51, ex. 6).

Pupils read the drills quickly, first together and then individually.

  1. Writing (p. 51, ex. 5).
  2. Speaking (“The Magic stick” )

A Pupil describes his friend’s appearance and says what he / she can do.

VIII. Setting up a home task

Learn the words.

Draw the monster and describe it.

  1. Summing up.

Teacher: Thank you for your work. The best working pupils for today are…Do you like our lesson? If yes, clap your hands twice, if not-stamp your feet…See you soon, Goodbye.

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