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2 клас.Тематика спілкування “Людина” (урок 3).Тема “Його/її зовнішність”.

Lesson 3
Theme. What is he \she like?
Practical aim:
– to activate studied lexico – grammatical material
– to learn new words
– to practice the structure “ has got”
Development aim:
– to develop the ability to read and write
– to develop students’ pronunciation
– to develop communicative skills
Cultural aim :
– to bring up the personal interest in the spread of learning, general culture of students
Equipment : flashcards, multimedia, extra sheets with tasks, posters, a computer.


I. Greeting and aim

Teacher: Good morning !data:text/mce-internal,%3C%21–more–%3E

Children: (sing a song)
Good morning, good morning!
How are you, how are you?
I’m fine, thank you!
Good afternoon, good afternoon,
How are you, how are you?
I’m fine, thank you!

II. Warm-up.

a) Alphabet revision
b) Read the sounds (a poster)
c) Put the words in alphabetical order
Curly, hair, dark, fat, plump, green, slim

III . Check on Homework.

IV. Presenting new vocabulary

1. Listen and repeat (p. 48, ex. 1).
2. Video (a song “My teddy bear”)
V. Vocabulary and grammar practice (has got)
a) Work in pairs. Ask and answer (p. 48, ex. 2).
Some pupils read the questions; others answer them, using the pictures (p. 48, ex. 1).
b) Work in groups.
The children are joined into two groups. The task of each team is to fill in their sheet as quickly as possible. Discussion.
Summing up the results.

VI. Physical Activity

Listen and do (p. 48, ex. 3).

VII. Training activities

1. Listen and read (p. 49, ex. 4).
a) Pupils read the text individually.
b) The teacher checks the understanding by asking yes\no questions.
2. Choose and say (p. 49, ex. 5).
The pupils read the sentences and choose the correct answers.
Key: 1. a mother and a daughter; 2. a funny face; 3. play music.
3. Find and say (p. 49, ex. 6).
Ex 4 p 49
The teacher asks the students to find the “M m” words and make up sentences with them orally.

VIII. Playtime.

The teacher says a word to one of the students and his task is to draw this part of the body with closed eyes on the board in order others to name it.

IX. Setting up a hometask

Learn the words.
Bring a photo of your relative. Describe him/her.

XI. Summing up and Saying Goodbye.

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