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English week 2018. Smart battle.




English week 2018. Quest ” Valentine’s surprise”.






Онлайн-джерела для викладачів

Якщо ви викладаєте англійську чи працюєте у сфері викладання англійської, ми можемо запропонувати вам велику добірку джерел та доступ до професійних мереж, які підтримають вас у роботі.

Ви можете:

  • Безкоштовно завантажити плани уроків та матеріали для роботи із класом
  • Знайти підказки, статті та іншу інформацію про професійний розвиток, конференції та кваліфікаційні курси
  • Приєднатися до дискусійних груп і отримати доступ до тренінгових матеріалів.

Дізнайтеся більше на сайті TeachingEnglish.

The English Channel competition

Join The English Channel competition for a chance to win a one-week English language course in the UK!

The competition will be open from 08 to 28 February 2018, 23.59h GMT.

Please answer all four questions in order to be eligible to win the prize.

The three winners of the competition will be announced on 5 March 2018 on our websites and social media channels. The winners will be contacted directly via the email address they provided in their application, so please make sure you check that you’ve entered it correctly.


Анкета учасника круглого столу з онлайн-трансляцією


A lesson plan «St. Valentine’s Day»

1) In this lesson, students talk about celebrating St. Valentine’s Day, learn new idioms and collocations, practice listening for gist and speaking for fluency.
Age: 14+
Level: Intermediate+
Time: 50 mins
Lesson type: Vocabulary, Speaking and Listening
Number of students: 1- 8
Materials: a worksheet
cards for charades
an extract from the video «Dimension 404: Matchmaker».

St. Valentine’s Day (worksheet)
St. Valentine’s Day (teacher’s notes)



Just how commercialised has Valentine’s Day become?  Learners give their opinion while using the Second Conditional as they ask and answer questions on the topic.

Learners also watch a short YouTube clip of an advertisement, re-ordering the pictures to tell the story before working in pairs to re-tell it in their own words. A highly interactive and communicative task.

You can find the full ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ lesson for download along with teachers’ notes HERE 



The downloadable sheet reveals a new English word and definition every day, all related to romance! The idea is that each day you can task yourself with understanding the meaning of a new word and tick it off the activity sheet.  By the end of the month, you will have worked your way through 28 definitions… think of all of the ticks that will be on your sheet! Simply download the activity here.





Introduction to the Cambridge English Scale

The Cambridge Story Competition

Calling all Primary teachers! Can your students tell amazing stories in English? Do you want your students’ work to appear in a beautiful book, and be enjoyed by children around the world? If so, then the Cambridge Story Competition is for you!

Read the information below on how to submit your students’ stories. Winning entries will be published in a beautiful book and shared on our blog.

Who can enter?

All children aged 12 and younger. The teacher submits the work on behalf of their students.

Why enter?

  • Win prizes for you and your students
  • Have your students’ stories published in a beautiful book and online – for children around the world to enjoy!
  • Stories improve reading, writing and critical thinking
  • Stories make readers and writers happy and help them learn English!

 How can I enter?

  • Read the ‘Teacher Tips’ articles for preparing students to write a story.
  • Download the story board and print copies for your students.
  • Complete the entry form and upload the stories. Terms and conditions apply.

 What are the prizes?

  • A copy of the collection of stories for the winner, and one for the school.
  • Goodie bags for the winner, their teacher and the entire class.
  • Official certificate for all participants, teachers and children.

What do I need to do?

It’s easy. Get your pupils to draw or write an original story on any topic, in English. If they win, we will publish their story in a beautiful anthology of stories from children around the world. The winners and their schools will each receive a copy.

Each month, we will publish three top stories on this blog. At the end of the competition, there will be twelve overall winners announced. Their stories will be printed as a collection in a bound book. One special story will be made into an animated film and also published on the Cambridge blog.

All the stories will feed the Cambridge Learner Corpus. Our clever research team uses the data from the Corpus to see what children are interested in, and how they learn and use English. These important findings help us train English teachers around the world and make Cambridge materials truly motivating for children. So, it is important to send ALL the stories from your class, and not just the ones you feel are the best.

Closing date:

The competition closes on 30 April 2018.

Quick Links:

  1. Terms and Conditions
  2. Teacher Tips #1
  3. Downloadable story board
  4. Entry Form
  5. Competition website

Webinar: ‘The Power of Storytelling Young Learners’ (Cambridge University Press)

Present Perfect VS Present Perfect Continuous Tense

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6) https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/quick-grammar/present-perfect-simple-and-present-perfect-continuous

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